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We will make your Bitcoin transactions completely untraceable.

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How the mixer works?

Send us Bitcoins that you want to mix and we will send you the same amount from another unrelated wallet. We will split the amount to random pieces and each one will be send with random delay in selected timeframe to Bitcoin addresses you provide.

How much does it cost?

The fee is 1% from amount you want to mix. Minimum amount to mix is 0.01 BTC.


We operate the mixer and Bitcoin wallets only behind the to maximize effect of Bitcoin mixing and to protect privacy of the transactions. We keep logs only 48 hours for troubleshooting, then they are automatically deleted.


When I will receive my mixed Bitcoins?
We are waiting for 3 confirmations which takes half hour in average, plus time range you chose.

What to do in case you need support?
Please contact us immediately at if you contact us after 48 hours from transaction was made, we will be not able to help you as logs are automatically deleted.

Why to mix coins?

We are living in a world where every information about people is collected and stored. Geolocation data from cellphones, calls, chats and financial transactions are ones of the most value. We need to assume that every piece of information which is transferred through some network is either collected and stored by owner of the network, or intercepted by some powerful observer. Storage became so cheap that it's possible to store everything and forever. Even now is hard to imagine all consequences of this. However you may reduce you digital footprint by using strong end to end encryption, various anonymous mixes (, ) and crypto currencies. Bitcoin in this matter is not offering full anonymous transactions but only pseudonymous. Once you buy something for Bitcoins, seller can associate your name and physical address with your Bitcoin address and can trace your past and also future transactions. This might have terrible implications for your financial privacy as these data can be stolen from seller and put in public domain or seller can be forced to give your data to someone else or s/he can sell it for profit. Here comes handy our Bitcoin mixer which can make your Bitcoins untraceable. Once you use our mixer, you can verify on that Bitcoins you get have no trace to you.


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know on

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